Sarin Embersong - Keeper of the Citadel

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Sarin Embersong - Keeper of the Citadel

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Sarin grew up at the outskirts of the Reaching Woods, near the caravan city of Scornubel. His family was part of a small nomadic enclave of Moon Elves who provided various services to the caravan merchants of the region, such as scouting, fast messaging, protection and high-value courier transport. The enclave traded with the other races under the name "Paths of Silver". Although it was not always to the Elves liking to take work on in the manner of humans, the enclave benefitted from relative freedom and flexibility in their lives, with a steady income to support their practical needs.

The members of the group were a naturally curious lot, and enjoyed developing their martial and arcane abilities, while recording as much information as possible about the politics and gossip of theregion. Being near a vibrant trading city like Scornubel was a brilliant setup to sate their need for a steady supply of news, the opportunity to find exotic wares and to meet people with new and exciting arcane skills. All in all, the free-roaming group did prosper in their own way, but the group always favoured their own independence over wealth.

Throughout the years of growing up in an environment of meeting many different races and experiencing goods and mystical items from across Faerun, Sarin started to develop a sense of the planes, and the extended cosmology of the known world. Tales of winged celestial beings, demons and devils, far-away mystical worlds and beings of great power drew him in and he would collect as much of these tales as he could in his small private journals.

Spending more time on gathering information for his own ends, Sarin found himself less and less to fitin the world view of the enclave as he grew into maturity. Far from being satisfied with the knowledgeand potential that the seasonal caravan work could provide, he found himself slowly wandering the far roads and being away for extended periods of time, pondering about matters of arcane proficiency and power, the differences between individuality and the needs of his paternal group. He ultimately started to doubt that staying in the Reaching Woods would ever really ensure that he learned everything that he could about his world and the planes beyond.

Having thought about these matters for a while, he finally made the decision to leave Scornubel and The Reaching Woods to find the best place to embark on a quest to gather knowledge of matters worldly and planar, and also how this knowledge would lead him to greatness.

The Paths of Silver favoured the approach of the "jack-of-all-trades", so after having made his farewell to the Paths of Silver and his family (who did not really approve, but did not stop him either), he made most of his daily bread busking from town to town, playing songs and jigs from faraway lands, while gossiping with locals and travelers for coin or exchange of tidbits of information. If any trouble came his way, he would usually be able to slip away or at least make bandits think twice by employing his trusty longbow or rapier as a deterrent. His goal was to get to Waterdeep, which to his youthful mind was the best place to find a suitable mentor who could teach him more about the worlds beyond.

Having reached Waterdeep, the young Sarin realised that life in a big city was much more ruthless thana regional trade hub like Scornubel. Although he was able to find many a wizard and sorcerer to talk to in Waterdeep, it was not an easy task to find dependable contacts and trusted acquaintences, and the Moon Elf soon found himself running low on money and options. He tried to stay close to the areas where wizard guilds and trade houses known for their multiplanar operations were located, but as the months progressed, he had to endure the lifestyle of a wandering entertainer, performing in seedy establishments, while trying to find someone who could actually show him more about the power of the planes.

Whether the providence of the planar deities, or mere coincidence, it happened to be that the secretive planewalker, Darion Meroch, visited the same establishment where Sarin was performing one night. Darion being on one of his infrequent trips to the continent of Faerun on Abeir-Toril, heard from one of the regular patrons that the young entertainer always enquired about other worlds and strange magical phenomena. Intriqued, Darion soon realised the potential in the young Moon Elf as a worthy proxy for his endeavours with the Planewalker Five and brought him first to Sigil, and later to Occipitus. From the moment of being "discovered" by Darion, Sarin started to realise that he was only
just at the beginning of understanding the universe, and that becoming a real force of the planes would require a lot of time, and absolute dedication.

Sarin is now considered an acolyte of Darion Meroch, in training to support his mentor's work on the plane of Occipitus. Once a week, he accompanies Darion in the ritual of the Song of the Citadel, wherethe old bard renews the Planwalker sign imprinted in the Occipitus sky, which ensures that light and warmth is available to the inhabitants of the plane. He is also charged with keeping Darion's Book of Lore which is basically a thick and heavy ledger that contains all the information about the city of Canton and the Citadel, e.g. tax, contracts and other pieces of documentation relevant to the running of the area. Finally, Sarin is Darion's trusted delivery person and loreseeker, in the instances where the planwalker lord is not available himself to carry out a relevant task.
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