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Diary of Okrin

Post by Okrin on Tue Sep 22, 2015 11:18 pm

The group ventured on in the Vanderboren Manor. After dispatching a few Bullywugs.
On the top floor the group found lady Lavinia and the Jade heroes (Zen Oldawin, Tolin Kentai, Liamae Teskalin). All were bound and captured by the evil pirate Drevoraz.
The Villain pirate Drevoraz was throwing knives at a cupboard where he had tied up the butler Kersh. We defeated the evil pirate.

Retuned to Silverspires the Hand of the Citadel sought out Lady Vanderboren. En route they were attacked by bandits. The bandits were led by a female rogue. We defeated the rogue and collected her insignia ring. The group had markings with a skull mask signature.
Sadly Lady Vanderborens manor had been under attack with Ludwig the guard having his throats slit and signs of combat in the garden. We found intruders!

The mutant pirates had been slain and the flamboyant lady pirate introduced herself as Harliss Javell.
She did not think fondly of Vantus Vanderboren who had tricked her and ambushed her pirate friends in an attempt to rob her. Vantus dropped a black pearl that exploded and turned everyone weird and bad. It turned everyone in to man eating freaks. It was a disease no doubt.
Harliss had sent Draboras and some men of the Crimson Fleet to Silverspires to kill all Vanderborens.
Not being fit for another fight the Hand decided to return to Silverspires. We happened to return to the Freedom Festival which is held annually in Silverspires. The city is decorated in flags and merry people.
Lady Lavinia has returned to Silverspires and is looking for adventures for an expedition with a "high return".

The group ventured back in to the caves only to find a pirate lady running out of the eastern exit. The group took a defensive stance to save the damsel in distress against a horde of mutant pirates.

The Hand decided to go to the Kraken's Cove. Before travelling we encountered Tilkin Harpbringer.

The group moved further in to the cavern in the quest to find the lost ring of Vanderborn.
Deep in the cavern the group encountered the lady Lotus who seemed to be expecting us. After some conversation with Sarin the lady attacked us without any provocation.

We were attacked in an alley by bandits sent by the guild mistress, Lady Lotus. She is leader of the Lotus Dragons, the upcoming thieves guild in town. The bandits had a brand (a dragon tatoo).
After disposing the bandits the group regrouped at the inn of The Fat Troll.
The following day Medo was so kind and offer armour for us all. It's good to be in metal again. I feel ready for war!
The group set up a stake out at the vault to try and find out who goes and comes and maybe using the ring.
Daesh managed to figure out that the Lady Lotus rose from the ashes of the old thieves guild, The Last Laugh. The guild generates income from selling illegal and exotic animals
Asking questions apparently lead to the Lotus Dragon sending a threatening letter to Daesh.
In addition Torms's priest confirmed that the Vanderboorens hadn't paid their dues. They lost all well and was now deep in debt to the city.
Nothing else came from numerous attempts to gather information.


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