Blackmore Diary, Marpenoth 4

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Blackmore Diary, Marpenoth 4

Post by Dungeon Master on Mon Sep 21, 2015 8:58 pm

Blackmore Diary

Day 5

Its been 5 days since the death of Torel! Following the events on the Docks, we have been laying low considering the consequenses, if we were to be recognized!

Alovar and I have been out on the streets, spreading rumors, in the attempt to convince the common folk, that the “Half-orc” was the only one present at the docks. Some might call it devious, but if it can keep us alive and out of trouble, then why should I care…. He’s dead!!!

Day 7

It seems like our efforts has been working! All people talk about is the “Half-orc”.

Even though I couldn’t stand him, I must admit sometimes feel like something is missing in our little band of brothers!

Probably the smell!!! Hehe

News has come that the silken hand is sending a replacement instead of Torel. I wonder if they send a new Barbarian, I hope not! It hasn’t been easy to stay out of trouble, and still a meal and warmth every day in this new city. Getting a new companion that we don’t know, or trust, won’t make it easier!!!

Day 9

This afternoon we are supposed to meet the new member of our group! I have a strange feeling, but I don’t know if it’s good or bad!!! Usually it’s bad, so I better stay alert!

A Druid…….. Why would they send a Druid? What good can a Druid be at hunting down people or even killing a foe. They won’t even hurt a fly! And I thought this couldn’t get any worse! He’ll get us all killed!

Day 12

Hmmm… Somehow things are getting easier! Food seems easier to come by, and we are slowly starting to investigate the Vanderboren case again. Maybe that strange feeling wasn’t bad after all!

Day 14

I hate to say it, but That druid might me a good addition to the group! Turns out, he was the one who provide the extra food, and even the new info we got about the sunken ship! The bugger can even talk to animals!!

Maybe I shouldn’t be so suspicious after all.

Growing up on the streets people called me many names, even stray dog! Maybe that’s more true than they think. I know better than anyone else, not to bite the hand that feeds. And right now he does his share of feeding!

I will give him a chance to prove his worth. After all, it can’t be worse than the last one. Actually I think this is better……Much better!
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