Murder on the Docks!

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Murder on the Docks!

Post by Dungeon Master on Sun Sep 20, 2015 7:47 pm

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Vanderboren behind Half-Orc on Murder Rampage on the Docks!

“I lost several friends who have worked with me for years! It was horrible. The Silver Council must take action. We should evict all non-humans from the city.” Exclaims a teary-eyed and visibly shaken dock worker.

Yesterday, a half-orc went on a murdering rampage, killing 8 loyal dock hands before he was finally subdued by the Harbourmasters second in command, Solak Varr. Several were killed by foul magicks, and the docks on pier 5 and a few vessels were badly damaged in the process, including a merchant vessel belonging to the Vanderboren’s which sank to the bottomless pit of the Silver Reach.

“The half-orc claimed to have been hired by the Vanderborens to steal back a vessel that the harbour had been forced to impound due to lack of payments. The half-orc threathened the life of everyone working for the city, and then completely unprompted starting killing unarmed dockhands working nearby. I was lucky to be able to subdue him before he killed any more.” Says Solak Varr who is clearly in pain from his broken ankle.

The Silver Council are now investigating the matter, and at this point cannot comment if the Vanderboren’s have been involved, or if it was the act of a lone half-orc, or a conspiracy against the city.

“Silverspires is a city of order, and law. As High Protector of Silverspires and Watcher of Torm, I promise you good citizens that the Silver Council will take furious action against anyone plotting against the city.” Says High Priestess of Torm Jenya Urikas.
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