The Ordained Champion - Train for war, train for glory!

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The Ordained Champion - Train for war, train for glory!

Post by Okrin on Tue Dec 15, 2015 11:03 pm

Night closed in on Silverspires and Medo was awake in his bed. He always felt strangely

uneasy in the city. Yes, Johan had assured us all we were in safety in his inn, however, one is

never safe in the dirty, foul and unnatural city. It's full of thieves, beggars, scheming assassins,

deceiving merchants and what not. Not a single muscle didn't ache. The Hand of the Citadel

had really pushed themselves getting to the Vanderboren manor and against those vicious

frogmen, Medo had stretched far and exerted every inch of physical and mental will in his

body. "What doesn't kill you.... pffft!" he thought to himself. He sat up on his straw mattress

and scanned the room one last time. Everyone was fast asleep and from way across the room

Medo spotted the chest of Okin pound up and down with unnerving haste. The cleric was

breathing hard and Medo could spot the sweat on his face shining in the candle light. What

on earth was going on inside that mans head? What torture was the priest now putting

himself through?

Okin fell asleep right away that evening. He was utterly exhausted after visiting the

Vanderboren manor that day. After a short while he sat up straight in the bed and

immediately noticed the whole room spinning. A roaring sound flooded the room and Okrin

heard indiscernible whispers and screams only broken by the deep roaring noise. He felt dizzy

and could just barely make out the forms of his fellow adventurers who were all sleeping

soundly. Was he the only one hearing the infernal noise? The door to the room suddenly

opened and Okrin instinctively grabbed his mace that was placed against the headboard

ready to jump to his feet. Through the door a figure entered that immediately calmed Okrin's

nerves. A celestial trumpet archon walked through the door. Despite Okrin's blurry vision he

immediately recognised the white feathered wings and the 6 foot long silver trumpet in his

hands. The humanoid figure was tall, had pale skin, eyes the colour of gleaming pearls and

white hair. As the figure walked closer to Okrin's bed he spotted the eternal sun symbol

running along the sides of the trumpet immediately giving away that this archon served the


The trumpet archon spoke in common but with an Eastern accent: "Greetings young

priestling. I am Oshiga and I am sent here by Lord Erathaol. The Lord wishes to see you in

Venya and you must come with me". "What am I required for in Venya, Ohisga?", Okrin


questioned. Oshiga explained that Okrin was in a dream fashioned by the celestial ruler of

Venya and Oshiga was here to carry the message to Faerun and ensure Okrin makes it to

Venya in one piece. "You must come with me to Venya now, 'Awakened one'", Oshiga said

almost mockingly.

The extra planar being gripped Okrin firmly by the should and spread his massive

wings swiftly displaying an impressive divine force to the young human. Okrin's vision was

still blurry and apparently the two being ascended through the darkness of the tavern ceiling

and up in to the air. As they passed the first layer of clouds the light went bright but the faint

whispers continued to speak something to Okrin. Good thing Okrin paid attention to his

former masters teachings about celestia as it meant he knew exactly where he was. Passing

each layer of clouds revealed the slopes of Mount Celestia, one after another till they reached

Venya, the realm of Lord Erathaol. Recently having pledged his allegiance to the archon,

Okrin wondered what duty the lord would now lay on him but he was looking forward to

being able to serve Erathaol the Seer. He knew his allegiance was right and would be

rewarded even further.

The two plane travelers entered the Seer's hall. and Okin's vision was now clear with the

whispers and roaring noise also gone. Ironically everything was "back to normal" now that he

was in Celestia's third layer where he felt at home in his dream. Erathaol

stood tall with three armoured champions by his side. They looked

like paladins to Okrin and he quickly spotted the Glorious Sun of

Amaunator decorating their plates and weapons. The two on

Erathaols left were both human, however, on his right stood a hound

archon, a celestial being carrying a massive greatsword. Okrin was

familiar with the race, however, he had not yet met any. He knew them to be as tough

and ferocious in battle as they are loyal to their lords.

"Good evening young Sunmaster. I trust your travels here were more pleasant than last

time. I sent Oshiga for you to summon you here as I need you to be our instrument of divine

for the Morninglord."

Instrument of divine... Okrin wasn't sure if this was a good thing. He definitely did not

feel like he had a say but he was prepared to do his duty and uttered: "I am honoured my

lord, Seer. And I'm ready honour my duties to Amaunator and to Venya."


The Seer continued: "Good. Very good indeed. These three gentlemen form the ancient

order of ordained champions of Amaunator. Led by Regdar ..." The Seer opened his palm in

the direction of the hound archon "... the three has observed your aptitude for war and battle.

In fact you has shown remarkable martial talent rivalling that of most paladins of your

experience. By the unanimous acceptance by the order you must further develop your zealous

devotion to war and join these harbingers of death and war in service to the Morninglord

and those who stand against him."

Okrin was not sure what to say. This was not a mere favor but a change of life. He

would naturally continue his devotion to his church but now with even more focus and even a

fanaticism for war and justice. It actually made sense to him all of a sudden. He had always

longed to become a paladin to reap glory in the frontline for his church. This was it, it was his

way that he had found.

Erathaol spoke a spell and laid his hand on Okrins chest. Light emanated from his hand

and Okrin's chest and rose to a blinding level. He felt warm inside and as if a flame had been

lit inside him. It was so intense he was almost about to cry as his emotions erupted in him.

Regdar spoke in a coarse and deep voice in Celestial: "Young Sunmaster, your new way

will teach you to use divine magic to enhance your combat prowess beyond that of mere

soldiers". Okrin felt the full intensity in Regdar's voiec. It felt as if the hound archon was just

about to leap in to a charge on the nearest enemy. His eyes were wide and his face in a frown.

Regdar continued with even higher intensity: "You must be devoted to the wars of our Lord

and your true devotion will be tested on the field of battle again and again.

Erathaol jumped in: "Okin, we don't want you to become just a mindless warmonger.

This is what separates us from the forces of evil. you fight with cause; Justice is your agenda.

You must understand that you are relieved of your duties as a cleric but you will carry the

burden of a responsibility much more heavy now with your special training and your


Okrin was breathless yet he felt invigorated and full of purpose. Before Okrin awoke

again that morning the last words he heard were the incredibly zealous voice of Regdar:

"Train for war. Train for glory!"


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