Short Story: Fugue Plane

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Short Story: Fugue Plane

Post by Dungeon Master on Tue Nov 24, 2015 8:11 pm

The Fugue Plane
There and back again

It was dawning over Occipitus. The city bustle could be heard outside the window of
Rahnefereths chambers. Normally the fate spinner did not pay attention to the outside as he
had been researching for hours. His trance had ended before daybreak as the sun elf had
work to do. Lately more and more visions had come to him during his trances. And lately
more of them had revolved around his new protege, Okrin, and his demise. This day he
finally reached clarity though and knew what to do. Using his time stop spells combined with
his ability to spin the very weave of fate he managed to commune with Erathaol, a celestial
archon and ruler of Venya. Erathaol appeared in front of Rahnefereth standing far taller
than the sun elf. His hair long and golden and a figure with white feathery wings he was an
impressive sight. Good energy from his home, Mount Celestia, radiated from the Archon as
his deep booming voice filled the room: "You seem troubled young mageling?". Rahnefereth
sighed and responded quietly: "My protege..., this human warpriest of Amaunator...., I sense
he is in trouble. I have seen in visions that he will soon enter the Fugue Plane. However, I
know the Morninglord will need him and so will I".

Rahnefereth explained his visions in full detail as well as the signs from Amaunator.
Erathaol nodded along and expressed his consent: "Fatespinner, when Okrin reaches the Grey
Plane I will escort him through Mount Celestia and back to Toril so he can fulfill his
commitment to the Morninglord. Note that I will claim your services as well I will expect your
young protege to allegiance to me. Faretheewell my young friend". Rahnefereth accepted
quietly and as the Celestial Archon faded, the mage turned looking down at his papers and
exhaled in a low growl. Did he make the right move and spun fate his way or will he have to
rely on luck once again?

The last thing Okrin saw was a ray of burning poison blasting his small boat platform
away under him. He jumped with all of the strength left in him but to no avail. His heavy
armour kept him down making the pier just out reach. He let out a muffled "oh no.." as the
cold steel hit the even colder water. It went dark. Okrin flailed with his limbs desperately
trying to get back up above the waterline. Panick set in... Was this it? All that talk about
destiny and fate? What was that? Not being able to bear it any longer he gave up. Okrin let in
a breath filling his lungs with that cold icy water. It all went black. It all went quiet.
Moments later Okrin opened his eyes. He was in a place familiar to him only through
tales. The Paladins of Lathander had told him about this place when he was in training and
he knew exactly where he was. Welcome, young cleric, to the Fugue Plane. The plane was flat
and he could spot Kelemvor's Crystal Spire standing tall in the City of Judgement as he had
heard many tales of.

Unsure of what would happen, Okrin started walking. Would a servant of Amaunator
pick him up? One thing was sure, Okrin wouldn't stand around waiting for a Devil passing by
would collect him to gods know which layer of the Abyss for eternal torture. A day passed
where Okrin managed to stay hidden from a few petitioners here and there and that day was
followed by another and yet another. A handful of days it must have been felt like an eternity
and Okrin got frustrated. He had prayed, followed the training and lectures of the
Brotherhood and yet he had not yet been collected. Normally Okrin was iron determined and
dedicated to his Deity but as he closed in on a tenday he started questioning whether he
would find a place in the realm of his Deity.

On the fourteenth day Okrin smiled in revelation. Just outside the City of Judgement he
encountered a fair and angel-like Paladin that greeted him. The angel was very inquisitive
and asked Okrin a lot of questions about his past. Okrin was open and courteous at first but
started getting puzzled that the divine creature didn't know more about Okrin already. After
all he was sent by Amaunator to fetch Okrin so he should know all these details??? "What was
your name again?" Okrin questioned. From out of nowhere the angel suddenly looked
extremely frustrated. His smile had turned in to a deep frown and he dropped his illusion. In
a veil of illusions and tricks the angel turned to a horned devil, sharp talons, red skin and all
that stuff ! Okrin immediately froze. He wanted to scream but the devil had cast some kind of
holding spell on him and approached slowly towards his prey. Great! He would end up in the
abyss after all, Okrin thought to himself as his vision became blurry. The last he saw was the
clawed hand of the devil reaching for his face.

A deep thumping tone started. As it grew in volume and intensity Okrin was blinded by
searing bright flash of light that erupted in front of him and the devil. A tall and winged
humanoid jumped out of a portal mid air and swung a massive great sword over it's head
landing it squarely in the back of the devil. Rays of light shot everywhere as the devil hissed
and spread it's arms wide from the muscles being torn apart in it's back. It never had time to
react as the winged form raised his hand and shot a ray of light that severed the head of the
devil clean from it's body. The lifeless form fell to the ground with a thump and Okrin stood
mouth gaping and covered in devils blood and brain matter.

The winged humanoid approached Okrin slowly and vividly analysing the young cleric.
In a deep and booming voice he greeted Okrin. "Good morning young Sunmaster. Welcome
to the Fugue Plane. I am Lord Erathaol, Archon of Celestia. Your patron has sent me for
you". This was Okrin's first meeting with a true celestial actually. Trying to remember his
master's diplomatic teachings he was actually not sure how to greet or even title a celestial
archon. Since Okrin took his time processing the encounter and removing the last bit of goo
from his face the archon spoke again: "We must move quickly. Gates to the seven hells are
near and Devils come by here to gather petitioners, this one was weak but more powerful
fiends are coming". Erathaol grabbed Okrin's shoulder and spoke a word. It felt like being
dragged by 10 wild horses as Okrin and the archon parted with the Fugue Plane. 14 days of
nothing and now this abuse, he thought to himself.

Okrin had no idea where he was but on a pleasant meadow. The weather was fair and
birds were flying from one treetop to another. "Your Lord will give you another chance to
prove yourself worthy of the title as High Jurist of the Morninglord. You must ensure justice
is served and law upheld in the Vanderboren case. It is your duty. I will revive your soul and
send you back to your physical form".

Okrin managed to compose himself. Thinking about the words of his high jurists in the
Brotherhood of the Glorius Sun gave him focus. He stopped shaking, stood up straight and
picked up the mace he had named, "The Law". The name seemed more appropriate now
than ever. "Lord Erathaol, I cannot thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to
strengthen the Morning Lord and Keeper of Law. Thank you! I will pledge my allegiance to
you, Lord Erathaol, and will ensure I act on your behalf in Faerun when required".
Okrin woke up lying flat on his back on safe shore. His comrades had heroically pulled
him out of the water and as the half dragon repeatedly pushed his chest the young cleric
exhaled well over a pint of slimy sea water and coughed in relief.

Note to DM:
- Knowledge Law skill increased by 1 (3rd level) due to the insight and focus gained
from Erathaol.
3rd level feat gained: Servant of the Heavens:
Type: Exalted
Source: Book of Exalted Deeds

You swear allegiance to one of the Tome Archons who rule the Seven Heavens, and in
exchange gain power to act on their behalf.
Benefit: Once per day, while performing an act of good, you may call upon your archon
patron to gain a +1 luck bonus on any one roll or check.
Special: Once you take this feat, you may not take it again, nor can you take either the
Knight of Stars feat or the Favored of the Companions feat. Your allegiance is only yours to
give once.
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