Sarin's memoirs - 27 October 2015 game notes

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Sarin's memoirs - 27 October 2015 game notes

Post by Sarin on Tue Oct 27, 2015 10:57 pm

Rented a personal vault to safeguard Lady Lavinia Vanderboren's money that we found last time.

Decided to go for Vanthus Vanderboren's ambush of pirates as stated in his letters. Druid's sailor contact says it takes about a day to sail to Kraken's Cove. Can rent us a small boat, and sail us over there.

Met the bard Thilgen Harpstringer (from Company of the Carpet) at Johann's inn, clad in blue and telling stories (Mithril Hall story about dwarves and a human adventurer, sorties into the Underdark hunting goblins, the human tries to save the dwarves dying to the left and right). He gets the money Thilgen Harpstringer was due from the patrons, and he tells Johan "to give it to those who need it".

Thilgen is a funny guy who tells lots of stories, but also has a lot of things on his mind if the conversation drifts.

He knows Rowyn Kellani and tells that she is the youngest daughter of the local nobles, the Kellani family, a trading house bigger than Vanderborens. The parents are old, they are old money. Have lost out since Vanderborens started using the portal created by the epic events surrounding the defeat of the Cagewrights for trade. Susan Kellani was elder sister, dead now due to some unfortunate event that Thilgen didn't want to talk about (because it was a "downer").

Thilgen knows that Lady Lavinia will be back in a couple of days, with the signet ring from her mother. We asked Thilgen to pass a message to her that we had been successful in helping her and that we need to speak to her urgently once we are back from trip to Kraken's Cove.

Sailed to near Kraken's Cove, (saw trading post Fort Belurian on the way - pointed out by old sailor) had to walk 4 miles to the smoke plume that we could see in the distance. Saw different animals fighting against each other, some of them affected by unnatural transforming magicks and sporting tentacles.

The Blue Nixi is in Kraken's Cove - amidst destruction on large scale. Four ships and approx. 50 guys dead, blown apart by Alchemist's Fire. Sounds of maniacal laughter and fighting sounds from the caves near the beach.


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