Meet the Heroes - Hands of the Citadel

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Meet the Heroes - Hands of the Citadel

Post by Dungeon Master on Sun Oct 04, 2015 7:43 pm

The Hands of the Citadel:

Sarin Embersong (CN moon elf Gatecrasher)
The protege of Darion, and leader of the Hands.

Okrin The Awakened (NG human Warpriest of Aumanator)
Enigmatic inquisitor of Aumantor on a quest to learn the secrets of Chronos from Rahnefereth.

Mr. Blackmoore (CN black half-dragon Hexblade)
Ethluwar under the protection of Galean.

Mr. IK (CN gargoyle Scout)
Awakened Nethereese guardian statue, following Sarin after he reactivated it.

Medo Breshol (LN human Druid of Silvanus the Oakfather)
Harper-in-waiting being evaluated by Galean.

--- The Deceased:

Torel Breshol (CN human Barbarian)
Killed by 25 dockhands in Silverspires, after murdering 8 of their innocent friends at high noon.

Alovar "The Wise" Meliamne (CN tiefling Rogue)
Killed by a demon ape, pouncing out of a demonic fog. Put on ice for a tenday by Okrin before the body decayed.
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