Okrin the Awakened - Champion of Aumanator

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Okrin the Awakened - Champion of Aumanator

Post by Dungeon Master on Sat Sep 19, 2015 10:15 pm

Born in to orphanage Okrin lived in the streets of the small city of Elversult just off the coast of Dragonmere. He got by applying his quick wits and early developed people skills often being rewarded with food, shelter and clothes by his goodness towards the helpless despite being without wealth himself.

Being on the Dragon Coast on Trader's Road, Elversult is often plagued by the sinister deeds of the Cult of the Dragon. Unfortunately, Okrin had a run in at the age of 8 with the Cult who wanted to take Okrin to sell to slave traders. The severe pressure of the life threatening situation pushed Okrin to draw on his inner most resources. Through divine intervention time stopped and Okrin managed to escape though he sustained a severe leg wound.  

Daelegoth Orndeir, the leader of the local Brotherhood of the Glorious Sun, witnessed the incident andwas intrigued by the time stop influence and took Okrin to his church for healing and questioning about his divine incident. Daelegoth believed the time stop to be an intervention from the true Sun Lord and Keeper of Time, Amaunator. Puzzled he did not understand why. Okrin was left scared and with a leg wound that woundn't quite heal leaving him not as quick on his feet as he was as a young boy. Being a Paladin initiate in the Brotherhood of the Glorious Sun, Okrin stepped in to adulthood servingthe Temple of the Morn. The clerics of the covenant taught him basic knowledge about religion and the ancient craft of healing medicines, wrapping bandages and the occasional amputation. All disciplines in which Okrin showed early prowess.  

Okrin worked hard in the Brotherhood and learned a lot about combat and war from the Paladins of the Brotherhood. They taught him how to use the devotion to law to turn his determination against his foe.In his training by the clerics of Amaunator he was introduced to using the light of the sun god toturn away the evil of undead. An area that thoroughly fascinated the young acolyte.

As a young adult, Okrin always mirrored his actions in his mentor, Daelegorth. He often refers to the leader of the Brotherhood as "how to do things" - maybe a bit too often. No matter, he is dedicated tocharity from his good heart. He hasn't forgotten his brothers and will always try to help the needy even at his own cost and Okrin will do anything he can to protect the temple where he served.
The high standards taught by Daelegorth has made Okrin judge others harshly and himself even more severely.

At the age of 15 when Okrin came of age, Daelegoth and the clerics of Amaunator conducted a time stop ritual to try and bring out the power the young acolyte showed when he was a young boy. In the attempt to understand the intervention of the lord of time, Daelegoth inadvertedly sent Okrin to the plane of Occipitus right in the research hall of the Starym mage, Rahnefereth. The archmage fatespinner was extremely surprised to see the unexpected guest but immediately understood a time stop conundrum had happened. Quickly researching the matter, Rahnefereth learned that Amaunator was in fact not dead and that his spirit had endured and was a part of the deity, Lathander. He still did not understand why the ancient Netherese god had chosen this young and clumsy human as his chosen champion???  After the divine event, Okrin immediately understood his connection to the lord of sun and time and knew that he could call for his help when in need, and Amaunator would answer with powers of light and time. Okrin thought he was on a path to become a righteous fighter and paladin of the lord, however, he was now at peace as a cleric of Amaunator. He felt like he was at home.

Regardless of his reasons, the ancient lord had the power to control time and Rahnefereth was determined to understand how, so he could apply the learnings himself to be truly and utterly immortal.

Rahnefereth correctly read that the young acolyte was in need of guidance and therefore constructed a minor magical trinket that could help Okrin understand the implications of his decisions better, a phylactery of faithfulness, as the old Starym mage could not waste his time constantly pulling Okrin out of trouble.

Okrin was quickly sent back to Faerun with a team of adventurers who each had showed great prowess to members of the Planewalker Five and was known in Occipitus to be squires to the Five High Leaders.
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